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With Roman Island, you're not just joining a worldwide renowned brand; you're joining a family. 


Be Part of Our Success Story
Roman Island is a global sensation that has been increasingly establishing itself in the Indian market for over 13 years.

Originating from Dubai, our stylish and trendsetting men's clothing has made waves across continents.

With stores in the USA, Europe, Asia, and South Africa, we've captured the hearts of fashion-forward individuals worldwide.

But why are we so renowned in India? It's simple!

Our commitment to premium quality, affordability, and customer-driven passion resonates deeply with Indian consumers, making Roman Island a household name and a go-to choice for fashion enthusiasts nationwide.
Debutant Retailer of the Year 2016 (Indian Retail Congress Awards)
Franchise of the Year 2018
(South India)
KRD Exports Private Limited | Our Partner in Success
In 2011, our journey in India began with KRD Exports Private Limited. As our trusted exporter, KRD played a pivotal role in catapulting Roman Island to a primary role in the Indian market. 

Together, we've set new standards of quality and style, earning the trust and admiration of Indian consumers.


Investing in a Roman Island franchise means stepping into the pros. 
You're not just starting a new business; you're joining a brand that's already a hit with millions

Partnering with Roman Island is not like building from scratch — you're tapping into 13 years of tried-and-tested know-how in operations, business smarts, top-notch products, and successful franchising!

When you open a Roman Island franchise, you're creating a buzz in town.

People will flock to your spot, excited to get their hands on your top products.

So, why us?
We've got the track record and the tools to make you shine.

With our support, you'll have everything you need to stand out in the retail game.


In today's world, many are tired of low-paying jobs and itching to start something of their own.

While some try their luck with uncertain online ventures, we offer a different path: one with REAL results.
20 lakhs Investment 
3 to 4 lakhs/month Profit for you
15 to 20 lakhs/year Profit 
 4/6 hours a day 
A Real Business
When you choose to franchise with us, you're getting a real business, which means a real store with real customers, real products, and real profit potential. 
The Investment
Let's talk about the investment required to make this dream a reality. Only 20 lakhs can secure you as the next Roman Island franchisee, giving you access to all the products, tools, resources, and support you need to start your own business.
The Profit
Now, let's discuss the real payoff. With the potential to reap annual profits of 15 to 20 lakhs, the return on your investment is not just impressive; it's unique in the market.
Your Personal Returns
Our franchise model gives you the potential to yield monthly profits ranging from 3 to 4 lakhs.
Your Commitment
4 to 6 hours a day.


At Roman Island, our product line speaks volumes: fashion-forward, affordable, and always in demand.

But our brand is not only about products… it’s about being predominant entrepreneurs in the market.

Being part of the Roman Island family means being backed by one of the most desirable companies worldwide, with dedicated franchisor services and training.

Plus, our business model is extremely efficient, tested, and convenient.
Let’s Talk Numbers, Let’s Talk Business…

Highest Profit Percentage

While others offer 25-40%, we give our franchisees a 60% profit margin, setting a new industry standard.

Fastest Returns on Investment

With over 90% of our stores seeing returns in under 12 months, your investment pays off faster than ever.

Example ROI

Take, for instance, a store that invested 15 lakhs & earned a jaw-dropping 240 lakhs profit in just 10 years… that's 16x the investment & growing!

Proven Track Record

With 13 years of successful business operations and stores running strong for a decade, we've got the experience to guide you to success.

Year-Round Offers

While others offer discounts sporadically, we keep the excitement alive with year-round offers, drawing in more customers and boosting business.


Happy Franchisees
Over a quarter of our franchisees run multiple stores because they're so thrilled with their success.
Employee Turned Entrepreneurs
Several of our former store employees loved our business model so much that they opened their own franchises… talk about loyalty!
Second Income Stream
Many of our franchisees are freelancers and software professionals looking for an additional income stream, and they've found it big with us.
We make it, you run it…


Brand Awareness

Leverage the reputation and recognition of the Roman Island brand to attract customers and drive traffic to your store.


Gain access to a diverse range of high-quality men's apparel curated to meet your community’s fashion needs.

Store Setup

From location selection to interior design, we guide you through every step of setting up your store to ensure it reflects the Roman Island brand ethos.

Ongoing Support

Benefit from our dedicated support team, available to assist you with any queries or challenges you and your staff may face along the way.

Dedicated Team

Our franchise operation team is committed to your success, providing ongoing training, guidance, and assistance in all aspects of store management.

Custom Billing Software

We offer user-friendly, cloud-based billing software developed in-house so you can manage your store even when you're not there.

Quality Assurance

As part of KRD Exports Private Limited, our parent company, we have a legacy of manufacturing apparel for top brands, ensuring the highest quality products at affordable prices.


I opened showroom in the month of SEPTEMBER 2022. I am feeling very happy being associated with Roman Island. A good looking showroom design. A wide range of collections, good response from Roman Island, they are committed to us. Best Wishes to ROMAN ISLAND STAFF.

Franchise Owner

Basically I am a NRI when I had plans to go to Canada. I heard about Roman Island business Franchise Opportunity. I meet with C.E.O and got impressed about that organization and quality products. Intentionally I stopped my Canada Tour and started my first showroom at miyapur location. I was very happy with organization, Stock, quality products, pricing. profit marigins. All these qualities boosted my confidence and started another showroom. It is also operating in a successful way I am extremely Happy and wish you guys Best of Luck.

Rajasekhar Reddy
Franchise Owner

I started my business journey with Roman Island from JUNE 2022, I am seeing good varities of Men's Apparel, they are very much in demand in the market. I get stock on time and get good support from Op's Manager and a full time support from the staff. which is very important in any business. I wish company a GRAND SUCCESS & BRIGHT FUTURE A HEAD.

Franchise Owner

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